Pian Grande

BeFunky_IMG_0898.jpgWoke up from a nap on the bus and this is where we ended up. The bus driver pulled over and we all ran up and down the hills. This place just made you feel like you were breathing clean.


Pizzeria Otello

BeFunky_IMG_0636.jpgAs I strolled along the streets of Assisi, where Saint Francis starved, rebelled against his father to be among the poorest of the poor, humiliated but with the kindest heart..It was a type of feeling that you don’t get very often. I encourage everyone  to learn the history of this man.

Wine Tasting with Stefano

BeFunky_IMG_0325.jpgWine is part of the culture, and it is an art. Stefano’s views on wine were about the same as he views life. Sometimes its good and sometimes its not so good but you just got to keep on going with it. Blessed to have wine tasted with someone who was so passionate about what he did for a living. His main concern was to keep the people happy and with magic in a cup like that he absolutely did.

Horse back riding in the Tuscany hills

BeFunky_IMG_0081.jpgWhen riding throughout Tuscany on my new friend, Cosmo, I really felt as if I got to see a second side of the Italian lifestyle. Yes, the art is beautiful. The history is fascinating throughout the city streets. But, to me seeing the hardworking farmers in the vineyards was just as cool. I love living in a city back home, but when I go to the country to visit family I love it just as much. It was super cool to see both sides of Italy since I see both sides back home. The countryside makes me feel humble and I appreciate it so much. The man saddling up Cosmo is named Julio. He didn’t speak any english, so I found it quite hilarious as he tried to teach me how to ride english style instead of western. For sure a highlight in my weekend.

Cinque Terre

pole.jpg Replacement string. As I hiked up the first mountain of the day, it started down pouring. I love the rain because it creates a sense of peace inside of me. So, I reached into my bag for a piece of that string and realized I forgot it back at my hostel. This was such a perfect moment that I had to have a replacement string and I think it works out pretty well. I find myself saying this quite often now….. this is no doubt, without question, for sure, not even double questioning it, THE most beautiful and scenic place I have encountered. I went to Cinque Terre without any expectations and with an attitude of me not worrying about the little things in life, for example money (which happens a lot when your a broke college kid.) I am by no means rich in wealth and I try to take the cheapest route, but after this hike I felt as if I was the richer than Warren Buffet. On this trip I just let the nature do the talking and it spoke to me in a complete foreign language but understood every word. If you want adventure, then honey this is the place to be. MOLTO BENE!

Mediterranean Sea


Yes, I know this was taken less then a week ago…but WIFI is a bit spotty. I wrote down what I wanted to at this time so its all good. All week we had been on little to no food due to the fact that sandwiches were always soggy and I am like my father and refuse to spend money on little things so I always waited for hours until dinner was free. But on this day when we went to the beach, it was probably the most refreshing thing ever. I got to lay my feet up and drink some rum while laying on the beach. Even though the little overweight Italian children looked at us like we were crazy for playing  volleyball instead of soccer in the sand…the day was amazing. I found on this day that I am a person that seeks that quiet time for myself. On this day I couldn’t help to sneak off onto these pointy rocks and photograph whatever I felt like. I don’t what exactly spoke to me when I was on the rocks, probably the overwhelming feeling of not being on a tour and seeing nature again. But, I recommend finding that space to help yourself think. This spot was mine, and who cares if you have to step over tiny crabs and watch a Italian men fish in a speedos…your spot is your spot. Find it and be at peace with it 🙂 Make your mark on it.

Loretti painting.


Inside the Vatican Museum I found this one room really special. All the walls were painted and the side walls were all detailed war stories. The ceiling was the best part, Jesus Christ was in the middle and completely spreading his grace throughout the whole room. It was as if He was even calming the wars of all time. Super heart felt painting and really struck me.